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102 S Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga, CA, 90290
United States


I-CODA International Centers of Divine Awakening , founded by Swami Premodaya is a spiritual center to promote growth of the individual's innate spirituality. Offerings include public events, online satsang, discourse, all day workshops, and spiritual retreats.



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To register, please mail your check (preferred method), payable to 'I-CODA', to:

PO Box 1282
Topanga, CA 90290

To register by credit card, please click on the 'Register' button below (note that there is a 4% credit card fee assessed).

Money Mastery is scheduled to begin August 22, 2018 (a minimum of 8 registrants required, for this class to start).



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The Mystery School Curriculum (MSC) is for those individuals who, after having experienced true transformation with Premodaya desire a greater level of involvement and commitment.  The MSC is the advanced level of learning, wherein love, wisdom, and happiness are offered as actual options for living, through further training in the methods and practices developed and taught exclusively by Bodhisattva Shree Swami Premodaya. 

The methods employed in the ancient “Mystery Schools” of the East and the West are alive and well in the 21st century, at I-CODA.  Enter the mystery!

In this two year depth program, participants become grounded in the universal truths of realization, service, and the individual destiny of one’s own current life.  The program centers around learning and living the insight, self-knowledge and actualized compassion—in a real and practical manner—which results in truly opening the heart and fully accessing the ‘love incarnate’ that resides in all beings.

Participants learn how to work directly with the mechanisms of natural inner growth and spontaneous transformation that are in everyone—and that, when properly handled—result in true transformation (‘organically’) and the actual end of suffering.

To apply to join this ongoing program,