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102 S Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga, CA, 90290
United States


I-CODA International Centers of Divine Awakening , founded by Swami Premodaya is a spiritual center to promote growth of the individual's innate spirituality. Offerings include public events, online satsang, discourse, all day workshops, and spiritual retreats.

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Individual Transcendation


Swami Premodaya has taught his beloved son, Prasad, countless life lessons—including optimum approaches and practical solutions for every life situation.  Prasad, in turn, has successfully taught Premodaya’s real-world insights and success methods to others, with dramatic results.  A proven track record impressively demonstrates that his brand of personal life coaching works:  people have become wealthier, healthier, happier and permanently more confident—due exclusively to working with Prasad.  The typical timeframe has been from a few weeks to a few months.

Prasad is the only disciple of Swami Premodaya personally trained and officially authorized by Premodaya to provide independent guidance to others.  That transcending guidance can include any and every area of life:  financial, relationships, work, decision-making, emotions, physical fitness/sports, anger management/assertiveness training, effective communication, small business, spirituality—in short, Prasad can help you with any aspect of life where better coping is the key.

Fee structure:  $5/minute suggested (sliding scale available for those in need, call to discuss your situation). Sessions are typically around 40 minutes.  Transcendation is available in person, telephone, skype, or online conferencing.


“I can sincerely say that working with Prasad has changed every aspect of my life for the better.  No words will ever be able to express my gratitude.  I now feel a true confidence, and enjoy successes, that would have been simply impossible just a year or two ago.”

Thea Parsons, Reiki Practitioner/Business Owner


“I had no realistic idea how to get and keep a better-paying job than my low-wage hotel job I’d been in for years—but due to Prasad's brief work with me, I now have a job that pays double what I was making before!”

Michael Sletta, Insurance Claims Specialist


"I learned more in one hour with Prasad than in 3 years of college."

-Tore Scott, Student